Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WARNING! This is not pretty!

No one ever likes the healing process of a tattoo. It looks ugly! Well, for some reason my new tattoo is being stubborn. It's swollen, irritated AND ugly. I've never had a tattoo react this way. For about 5 days it hurt to walk. It was really odd. One minute it would feel fine and the next pain was shooting through it. One day I had some ice on it for about 5 minutes and when I got up the pain shot through it so bad I thought I had broken my ankle. I couldn't even put any weight on it. But within a minute or two it went away and I was walking around like nothing happened. Like I said, it was odd.

Today it doesn't feel too bad. The swelling has gone down and it's not as red. And walking around doesn't even bother me. But boy, does it look ugly! My skin looks like over cooked bacon.


Adam said...

Sorry to hear. I looks like your skin is peeling!

I hope you feel better!

Tony Caggiano said...

mMkaes me want a BLT!