Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Little Piggy......

....went for surgery AGAIN!!

Back in February I had surgery on both feet for planter fasciitis. Recovery went well except for a knot, for lack of a better term, was on the bottom of my left foot a few days after surgery. As weeks went on it got bigger and even hurt when I was on it. I started thinking that when the doctor cut my tendon it did like a blind and just rolled up.

The beginning of May, when I was at the doctor for my regular check up, I told him how it's never gone down in size and hurt. I was concerned because we were leaving for a Disney trip the following week and I didn't want problems while being away. He gave me a shot of cortisone in it. TALK ABOUT PAIN!! He said that he could tell that it was a fibroma because it was like pushing a needle into cork. When I got home I looked up to see exactly what that was. A fibroma is a tumor of collective tissues. No one likes to see the word tumor but I was confident that it wasn't that kind of tumor.

The shot helped it go down in size but it got me thinking about was I going to need one every month. I didn't want to deal with that when training for my full marathon in January and I didn't want it to keep coming back. I found out the only way to really get rid of it was to have it surgically removed. So on May 25th I did just that. I'm sure I rushed to make a decision but I'm on a time frame. I need to start training by August for the full marathon and I want enough time to heal.

So here I sit around the house again, bored with my foot up. I could peak at my incision and it looks like a lot of stitches. It doesn't feel too bad when I walk on it unless I get on an uneven surface for some reason. I'm sure it will hurt once I put sneakers on since it is in my arch. Maybe I'll get to wear flip flops to work now. ;-p

Here's hoping this is the end of my foot problems!!