Monday, July 13, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!!

Tomorrow is the day I get my next tattoo. I'm really excited about this one. And I totally lucked out and got in on a cancellation. Normally, I'd have to wait a few weeks to get in. It's the redheaded wench concept art from Pirates of the Caribbean that Marc Davis drew.

I've seen this in lighter pinkish shades and then in red shades. I gave my tattoo guy a few pictures to look at. One is from a site I found and the other is in the cd jacket of the POTC ride cd. She has a pouty face in one and is smiling in the other. I'm going with the smiling one.
And the pirate will not be part of the tattoo.......this time!


Princess Fee said...

That is very, very cool!! You will have to post a picture for us to see it! Such a cool concept... Am jealous!

Adam said...

Very Cool! That's such a great idea for a tattoo!

David Caffey said...

So what are your other tattoos - are they Disney related?