Sunday, May 30, 2010

You drank how much???

While visiting The World for marathon weekend in January my husband and a friend decided they were going to drink around the countries in Epcot. Needless to say, they didn't get something in every country but they still did pretty well. Here is a list of what he had in Epcot:

1. Scotch flight in the United Kingdom that consisted of 3 different scotches

2. Pomegranate wine in France

3. Saki flight at Teppan Edo which was 3 different saki's

4. Wine flight in Germany which he shared so he had 1-1/2 glasses of wine

5. Canto Loopy in China

6. Tequila flight in Mexico which was also 3 different tequilas

And as if that wasn't enough we went to Jellyrolls that night and he had 2 redheaded sluts, 2 - 32 oz. Hurricanes and 6 Jagerbombs. Of course it wasn't helping that we ran into his cousin and his cousin was buying him drinks.

Now I know the sound of 22-1/2 drinks is a lot and I'm still amazed that he didn't get sick. BUT he also drank all of that over at least a 8 hour period. Would he do it again? 100% YES!


We surprised Cassidy with a trip to WDW for her 10th birthday. Above is the video that my great friend, Lou Mongello made for her. After all, Lou is her #1 man!

Below is the slideshow I put together with photos from the weekend and also her reaction to finding out where she was going.

A little background info...I had planned to join Lou and friends in WDW for the 24 hour show. Well, since the show was going to be a few days before her birthday I thought it would be great to surprise her with a trip. I've always wanted to do that. Let me tell you, never again!! I was so stressed out since I couldn't talk to her about it plus I had to pack all her things without her missing anything. And getting the school in on the surprise too was work. I had to wait for her to get on the bus before running in to pick up her homework. I couldn't have it sent home with her that day. But all the stress was totally worth it!!! SHE CRIED!!

Enjoy the show and I'll blog later about highlights of the trip.

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