Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jonas Brothers ROCK!!

On Saturday, July 25th I took Cassidy to the Jonas Brothers concert in Pittsburgh, PA. We arrived at Mellon Arena around 5:20 or so. The doors were scheduled to open at 5:30. Radio Disney was there doing tattoos and playing Jonas Brothers music. There was a group of girls by the Radio Disney tent singing and dancing around. It was kinda funny because they didn't care who was watching them or who they ran into. We lined up to get in -5:30 comes and goes - 5:45 comes and goes. We start wondering what was going on that they weren't opening the doors. 6:00 comes and goes and then no long after that the doors opened. There were a lot of people waiting outside to get in but surprisingly we got through the gate pretty fast.

First thing we did was buy a program and then went upstairs and bought our shirts and something to drink. Since I bought our tickets off of Ebay I couldn't wait to see where our seats were going to be. Knowing the area you are going to be in is one thing but actually getting to your seat and seeing how close you really are is totally different. We were on the floor in section 31, row O and seats 1 & 2. I knew our row was by the catwalk but wasn't sure if we'd be beside the catwalk or on the end. Unfortunately we weren't beside the catwalk but we were only about 20 seats away from it. I thought that was pretty cool (and so did Cassidy).

The first opening act was Honor Society. A new up and coming boys band. They were pretty good. I've never heard of them but by the screams of the teenage girls in the arena they knew who they were. I didn't realize before it was too late but they boys walked right by us to get to the stage. When they were done, we watched for them. Cassidy smacked hands with a few of them. After they all walked by she looked at me and told me she wasn't washing her hand again.

Next came a group of girls from South Korea called Wonder Girls. They sang one song and that was it. It wasn't a bad song but I'm not sure why they only sang one and were done. Only thing I can figure out is that they are trying to make it big off the Jo Bros. Not a bad plan but I would've rather had Honor Society or the Jonas Brothers on stage for the amount of time they were on stage.

American Idol winner, Jordan Sparks headed to the stage next. By the time I realized she walked by it was too late to snap a picture of her. Right away you could see why this girl was the American Idol winner from season 6. She's got a great set of lungs on her. She be-bopped around the stage with lots of energy. She could really put on a show. I love her song, Tattoo and Cassidy actually let me sing along to it. I think Cassidy got to touch her hand when she walked by after her set.

The stage crew was getting the stage ready for the Jo Bros when these big equipment containers wheeled past us. I thought there was guitars and other instruments in them. Suddenly there were screams behind us. We're not sure what happened but suddenly another equipment container started coming past us and people were pounding on it. One of the guys was in there! How crazy is it that they have to hide to get to the stage. About 10 minutes or so later, the lights started to come down and We Will Rock You started playing. The crowd started going wild! I was screaming! Cassidy was screaming! Everyone was screaming! And before we knew it, there they were:

Bad thing about being on the floor is that all the teenage girls in front of us stood on their seats to see. So I told Cassidy to get on the seat so she could see. Didn't totally help since they were also on their seats but she could see a little better. Even at one point I stood on the chair to take pictures. After awhile the security people came around and told them to get off the chairs. I thanked them for doing so. But of course within 10 minutes they did it again. I wish someone would've asked Joe to say something like "we love our fans and we don't want to see you get hurt so please don't stand on the chairs." At least maybe they would've listened to him, but I doubt it.

I knew these guys were good but you don't realize how talented they are until you see them perform live. Nick has more talent in his little finger than I do in my whole body. While on stage he sang, played the guitar, drums and piano. He talked about having diabetes and not letting it slow him down. If you truly believe in something don't let anything stand in your way of achieving it. Amen to that!

Cool things happened during the concert. At one point they hosed down half the arena with fire hoses and there was a cool waterfall at our end of the catwalk. Jordan and Honor Society joined the guys on stage for the last song. We could tell the end of the concert was coming when these big security guys came by and started holding a rope to hold us back. The Jonas Brothers were going to walk past us. I don't know why they thought they needed the rope. What did they think we were going to do to them? Tear their clothes off and kiss them? Oh wait, never mind!

They did walk by with about 3 bodyguards over top them each. We stuck our hands out but I'm not sure if we touched them or not. I know I touched Jordan when she walked by again and the Honor Society guys. BUT if you ask Cassidy she will tell you that she touched them. I'll let her believe that since I don't have the heart to tell her it was most likely a bodyguard she touched.

Overall, the concert was simply amazing! I'd go see them again in a heartbeat! I put together a slideshow form the concert. It doesn't even come close to being there but I hope you enjoy it.

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