Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tower of Terror 13k

On October 24th I participated in Disney's Tower of Terror 13k race. This is a night race and started at 10:30. Cassidy was with me for the race but was too young to do it. So she got to be my biggest fan and cheer me on. Sadly, this was the last year for this race. I really would've like to have done it again too since I ended up having an issue half way through it. You see, we ate a late lunch and I wasn't hungry before the race. But I did eat a PowerBar about an hour before it started. Well, about mile 4 or before I suddenly got really hungry. Hungry to the point I felt shaky and needed some sugar. I kept going and at one point a friend of mine was handing out water. I asked her if she had anything to eat and thank goodness she gave me a handful of nuts. This helped but only for a little bit. I could feel myself getting more and more tired since I had no energy. I was grateful when we entered Hollywood Studios because I knew the end of the race was near. I think those were the 2 longest miles ever.

My friend, Bonnie stayed with me the whole time and our friend, Andy caught up to us in The Studios. We all crossed the finish line together and when I raised my arms up my cell phone and Ipod fell out. I found my phone but not my Ipod. Cassidy and April were at the finish line and when I told them a volunteer had overheard me and sent her husband and son back to look for it. Thanks goodness they found it!! I was hoping that whoever found it would call me because I had my cell number on it.

After I got my bag, I went and changed clothes and then ran to get some food. A cheeseburger never tasted so good. After my very late midnight snack, we were going to ride Toy Story Mania but there was a 50 minute wait and Cassidy was really cold so we headed back to our warm, comfy bed at Kidani Village.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Have you ever wondered.........

......if you should be the one in charge of certain aspects of your life and not others? Think about it, your boss makes decisions for you, The President makes decisions for the whole country, your minister/pastor/priest/rabbi decides what is best for the congregation, the Senate decides what laws we should follow but what do WE decide? When do we get to have a say in how things should be? Maybe instead of electing or choosing representatives we should get a vote in every major decision made. Granted, I know what a pain in the ass that would be but sometimes don't you want to have a say in how something turns out? And I'm just not talking about political decisions, I mean many decisions, work, home, church......

So what do you think? Do you want to make your decisions or have someone do it for you?