Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I gots the redhead!

Today was the day of the new tattoo. It was a beautiful day..perfect tattooing weather.
I arrived at Tainted Flesh in DuBois, PA a little early. Better early than late. One thing you NEVER want to do is piss off your tattoo artist by being late. After I signed my life away he asked where he was putting it. Originally I was going to put it on my back but then I asked him if he could cover one up with it. He looked at it and said YES!! Woo hoo!! That was great news! Because of the cover up he had to reverse the drawing. That didn't take long to do. I think we finally started around 12:15 or so. I've never had a tat done here before but Bob was very friendly and I was relaxed in no time. We talked about all kinds of things from his kids to dogs to fish piss. Ok, don't ask about the fish piss.

At one point a group of girls/women came in and wanted their belly buttons pierced. There were so many cameras there to take pictures of this event that you would've thought someone famous was getting it done. They were pretty funny. I think there was about 6 of them there. Laughing and snapping pictures. Out of the group of them only 2 of them got pierced. Not really sure why such a big group had to come to witness the event. Oh well! To each their own. They were entertaining.

This actually took longer than I thought. At one point I just wanted it to be done so the pain would stop. Yes, tattoos are painful. And don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Now some people have a high tolerance of pain and of course it does depend on where you put it. Since this was on my leg it wasn't bad but it still did hurt. Some places more than others. I'm very thankful that it didn't end up going on my back. That really would've hurt---A LOT!!

After 2+ hours she was finally done!!

I'm totally excited about my tat! I can't wait to show it to my Disney peeps!


Princess Fee said...

That is a gorgeous tattoo!!! Beautiful! And you could never tell it was a cover up...love it! Can't wait to see it in real life :)

Shannon W. said...

I commented on twitter that she looks fantastic! I love my Disney tattoos and just love seeing other people's Disney loves inked! Thanks for sharing!

Adam said...

That's a great tattoo Lori! It looks great!