Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WDW Day 1: The Fun Begins! part 2

I arrived back at AKL and gave my car to the valet. Using the valet service is my favorite perk
of being a DVC member. It makes me feel special. I check to see if my room is ready and it is. I was really excited to see my room since this was the first time staying at AKL. My room was beautiful! I even saw a few animals and could see the construction of Kidani Village going on. Since I was moving to the villas the next morning I didn't really unpack much. I just relaxed for a little bit and freshened up for the evening.

The night ahead consisted of dinner at Raglan Road with Lou, Deanna, Pat, Greg (aka DOC), Geri (Mrs. DOC) and two of Greg's friends, Nancy and Rose and myself. They must've thought we were going to be trouble because they sat us in a back corner of the restaurant. I ordered the Heaven on Earth which was baby back ribs in a honey glace. Very tasty! But the best part was dessert. Sticky toffee pudding --it really should be called "Heaven on Earth" YUMMY!!

After our tummies were full we headed to Pleasure Island for one last Hoopla at Adventure's Club. When we arrived the place wasn't quiet busy....yet. We grabbed a few drinks and headed downstairs. Within a 1/2 hour or so the place really started filling up.

At one point we decided we'd head for the Treasure Room and wait awhile for one of the shows. Needless to say we never did make it to a show in The Library. Our group just stayed in the Treasure Room all night and hung out and talked. A few others popped in and out throughout the night. Ryan, Aileen, Lisette and Dan all stopped in for a drink or two or three.

And of course, Lou was surrounded by women the whole time. Hey Lou...where's Deanna?

Pat having some fun!

After awhile we headed over to 8Trax for some dancing. Deanna loves to dance and you can't go wrong with 80's music.

Everyone now Y-M-C-A!

It was a great way to start the trip. Although going to bed around 2 am after being up since 3:45 am the morning before was hard. Getting out of bed a few hours later was even harder.

Next up: Day 2: I Don't Know What I'm Doing!

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