Saturday, October 4, 2008

WDW Day 3: I WON!!!

Day 3 started out at the Animal Kingdom. Have I mentioned yet how much I love my AAA parking pass!!! It took me right up front. I think I was closer than where the buses drop you off. It was really cool driving past the obstacle course for Saturday night festivities. But more on that later. Usually the first thing I have to do when I get to Animal Kingdom is go see my favorite bouncy, trouncy, pouncy TIGGER!!! I've been in WDW for 2 days now and this was the first time I got to go see him. He loved my Tigger tattoos.

After visiting Tigger I headed over to Camp Mickey-Minnie. When I visit WDW I like to play Fairy Godmailer and have the characters sign postcards or greeting cards for my daughter and her friends or I send them to friends that I know will be visiting soon. This time I had Halloween cards for them to sign. I was going to start with Goofy when I looked over at Donald Duck and noticed the Dream Squad hanging out. So I headed that way first. After I visited Donald I came upon a Dream Squad member and asked him if he was going to give me something that was going to make me dance. At which point I did a little jig for him. He laughed and went through his "you won" script. I WON A DREAM FASTPASS!!! I jumped up and down in excitement. Of course I wasn't about to use it. It's the ultimate souvenir.

After getting the rest of the gang to sign my cards I wandered around for awhile, grabbed a drink and some popcorn. I started my way to Everest when I came across Devine. She is so beautiful and elegant. I know if I had her job I'd fall flat on my face. I snapped a few photos of her and kept on my merry way.

There was a Photopass guy taking picture with you in front of Everest so I had to stop there. After he took my picture I heard someone yelling my name. There was Pat, Lou, Deanna, Virginia and Tony. They were heading to ride Everest so I joined the group and off we went. We decided to get in the single rider line. I think we waited just as long in at as we would've the stand by line. Oh well, riding Everest with friends is fun no matter how long the wait is. After our ride we all headed over to Flaming Tree BBQ because Lou was having a little meet and greet there.

When we arrived there were already people there waiting for us. We grabbed a bunch of tables and took turns getting our food. About 20 people or so showed up for it. It was nice making new friends and catching up with some old ones. If you listened to me on the WDWRadio podcast you'll know that Lou was picking on me about not seeing Blazing Saddles. So I had to pick back...Candygram for Mongello! Lou thought it was funny and as always I had to give him his M&Ms.

After the meet I headed to Downtown Disney to do some shopping and then went back to AKL for some rest before the Everest Challenge.

Up next: Run Glenn Run..don't let the Yeti get you.

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