Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WDW Day 1: The Fun Begins! part 1

My trip to WDW started at 3:45 am Thursday morning as I got ready for my 6:35 flight. I usually don't take the first flight out but thought I'd try it this time. I lucked out and there were only 35 people on the whole plane. I had a row to myself so I stretched out and relaxed on the way down.

Within a half hour of landing I arrived at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I had visited the Lodge before but this was my first stay here. Since I did arrive early my room wasn't ready yet. So I changed clothes, checked my bags and headed over to Hollywood Studios to meet some friends.

I wasn't even on WDW property for an hour before I started causing problems. My ticket didn't want to scan and as I stood there continously putting the ticked in, I hear someone from the other side of the gate yelling "Don't let her in.". There stood Lou laughing at me. It was great seeing him within a week of our showing going up. I was excited to tell him about all the great feedback I received from it. I went to Guest Services for a new AP and then we went to meet Pat at Starring Rolls for a morning snack. As we sat there and talked for awhile, Greg, Ryan and Aileen showed up to join us. It was the first time I met them. What a great group of people.

Lou, Pat and I decided to head to Toy Story Mania. The wait was about 50 minutes. I love this ride but for whatever reason I got my lowest score on it that day. Lou, on the other hand, had the high score for the day when we left. Show off! We walked around HS for a little bit and ran into Ryan and Aileen again. We decided to head to ToT. I'm glad we did because we pretty much walked on the ride. The 5 of us were in the back row. L-R looking at the car: Ryan, Aileen, Pat, Lou and myself. During the first part of the ride Pat's cell phone starts playing The Muppet Song. We started laughing as she stops it right before we take the plunge. Pat and I were screaming so loudly that after the ride Lou couldn't hear anything. He said the screaming was in stereo. We then went to ride RNRC. Lou didn't join us this time. I think we scared him. It was a great ride. My friend, Ryan, has a picture of the ride photo over at his blog http://mainstreetgazette.blogspot.com/. Check it out. It's pretty funny. After this ride I decided I better head back to AKL and see if I can get into my room and relax a little before dinner at Raglan Road at 5:00.

More to come later.....

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