Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sorry but.....

....we interrupt this trip report to bring you some breaking news. I HATE LAZY PEOPLE!!! Is it really that hard to walk a few more feet and push the cart all the way into the cart corral? I mean really, it's a beautiful day and you just hardly push the cart TO the corral. Why can't you put it into the corral and push it into the cart ahead of it. And people wonder why half the time the carts are out in the driving lane. Ok-complaining is over. We know return you to your scheduled trip report reading.

WDW Day 4: It's sad to say goodbye!!

The last day is always the hardest for me. But this time it was even harder because:

1. I was extremely tired

2. I was going to miss spending all my time with my friends

After I packed and checked my bags I walked around the resort one more time before meeting up with the gang for breakfast at Boma's. I wasn't feeling well so I didn't eat too much. After breakfast, we all decided to sit around the fire pit and chat. It was nice just sitting there with all of them talking about everything and anything. Pat even pointed out a Hidden Mickey to me. Can you see it?

During our group session, Lou recorded a recap of the weekend for the WDWRadio Show. Check it out http://www.wdwradio.com/content/view/136/1/ . Then it was time to go our separate ways. We all had different places we wanted to go, so we sadly said our goodbyes.

I jumped in the car and headed over to EPCOT for the Food and Wine Festival. Of course once I got to EPCOT I had to see my favorite person one last time.

Before I even left home, I said I was going to try escargot this year. I headed towards France to get them.

I will say they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. But I will also say that I probably won't ever eat them again. I think it's one of those foods you have to try once and only once. It was really hot out and there were a ton of people around. I can't eat when it's that hot. So the escargot was the only thing I ended up eating at the F&W festival. Pretty sad!

I walked around a while longer and then decided it was time to head towards the airport. As I was heading towards the front of the park, they had the bridge up and were bringing out the barges for Illuminations that night. Pretty cool to see.

On the way to the airport I saw a rainbow. It was raining when I got there, but not too much. I turned in my car and checked in at the Southwest counter. Now here is the funny part, this was my first time flying Southwest so after I went through security I jumped on the tram to the gates. I get on the tram, the doors close and I look up and realize I got on the wrong tram!! I couldn't believe it! So I decided that I would just stay on it and go back and switch trams. Well first off, the TSA guy was pounding on the window telling me to get off the tram. I told him I got on the wrong tram and needed to go back. He didn't look to happy about it. So I go back and think i can just walk across to the correct tram. NOPE!! I have to go back through security to get to the right one. This kinda upset me because I just went through security. But I can understand and it is for my safety that they made me go back through. At least this time there was no one in line and I breezed right through. Although I think I got a few funny looks for the agents that just saw me go through earlier. What can I say, I like to take off my shoes and take half the crap out of my bag.

I usually fly USAir and when I go through security to get to those gates the tram is the one right there so it was easy for me to think the same thing. Oh well, it was a good story to tell. My flight was fine. Even lucked out getting an exit aisle seat. Since I landed late I stayed over in Pittsburgh that night. When I woke up I was back in the real world again-YUCK!

How many days till Dec. 4th??

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Rae! said...

You are brave. :(
I had them before, yuck, I guess it is the way they are cooked.