Thursday, October 2, 2008

WDW Day 2: I Don't Know What I'm Doing.

Day 2 started bright and early It was hard getting out of bed with only 5 hours of sleep. I got ready for the day and waited for Glenn to check into AKL. On this day I had to check out of the lodge part and check into the villas part since I was using my DVC points for the next 2 nights. Kinda a pain in the butt but whatever. Glenn arrives and I take care of business and we head out the door to MK. This is where I thought we were going to do one thing and didn't end up doing it at all. See, I decided we should park at EPCOT because I thought we'd go to MK, go to EPCOT and then go get our race packets around 2:00. Well, we parked at EPCOT but never made it back to EPCOT till it was time to go get our race packets.
Anyways, we park at EPCOT and get on the monorail to MK to meet up with some friends. The park was decorated for Halloween and looked beautiful. I was wishing I was going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party, but knew it wasn't going to fit into the schedule. As we entered into the MK the Dapper Dans were standing on the back of the trolley so we hopped on. I love listening to them sing. As we rode up Main Street we saw our friends waiting for us outside the ice cream shop. After we eat breakfast with them we rode a few rides. I don't think we waited more than 10 minutes to ride anything. The AllEars crew was having a meet and greet outside Haunted Mansion so we went over there to meet up with others. I met a bunch of new people and had a great time riding HM with all my friends. I've always loved this ride but the refurb just makes it even more enjoyable.
After lunch at Columbia Harbour House, Glenn and I headed back to EPCOT (read-Lori is an idiot here) to get the car. On the way out of MK one of the cast members was making a Mickey with water on the street. Pretty cool.
We drove to Wide World of Sports and timed it so the crowd would be gone. And it was. Glenn was excited that his race number was #5. It made him feel special. I was #93. Jamie Clark was there talking about Everest. See, he had climbed Everest (the real mountain not the ride) once and was going back to do it again. They had a banner there for everyone to sign and he was going to take it with him on his next climb.
After we looked around for awhile we decided to head back to AKL to relax before dinner. Of course when we got there Glenn's room was ready but mine wasn't. I shopped around the gift shop for awhile and then called to check again. It was ready then and off I went to check out my new digs. The villa was gorgeous! BIG comfy bed and the view was nice too.
After relaxing for a little it was time to head over to Boardwalk for dinner at The Flying Fish with some friends. Glenn and I get there but our friends were nowhere to be found. It turned out that Glenn thought dinner was at 7:00 but it was really at 8:00. So we headed into EPCOT for awhile. Long enough to see the British Invasion group and for me to have Alice sign a book for my daughter.
Dinner at Flying Fish was nice. It's always great getting to spend time with friends. I had the salmon. It was delicious but it really could've been warmer. After dinner, we walked along the boardwalk for awhile.
Some of us went back to the AKL to meet up with others at Victoria Falls, the resort bar. I was way too tired to have a drink so I didn't really stay long.
But Brian looked like he was having fun.
Day 3: I WON!!!

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