Friday, September 19, 2008

My role as Co-Host For A Day on the WDWRadio Show

The day has finally arrived that I get to record my Co-Hosting role on the WDWRadio Show. I've been excited and scared for this day to come. There's pressure to make sure I don't say the wrong thing or laugh uncontrollably. Or even worse-embarrass Lou. All of that pressure went away the minute we started talking. It was like having a conversation with a friend. Of course I was trying to ignore the fact that our conversation was being recorded and that thousands, ok maybe 20 people were going to hear it. (That's just a little joke Lou and I have going.)

I'm not going to tell you what we talked about. But we did have a few laughs along the way. And I think Lou messed up more that I did. Which was a relief to me. So stay tuned for the show on Sunday. Who knows what you're going to hear.


Adam M. (disneyfanatic101) said...

Did Lou give you that snazzy headset to use for the show or did you have that?

Craig Wheeler said...

can't wait to hear it...

Lou Mongello - said...

"It was razed to make room for a parking lot."

I cringe when I read these words when they make reference to a beautiful building such as this.

Mike said...


Welcome to the Disney blogosphere!

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