Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Going Home!

Tomorrow (Thusday) at this time I'll be on a plane to my "happy place". I'll be in WDW from the 25th-28th and enjoying some much needed sun. I'm hoping the sunshine gets rid of this cold I have. But most importantly I'll be spending time with friends. Some old and some new.

Here's my agenda for my trip (subject to change, of course)

Thursday: arrive in MCO @ 9 am, pick up car, head to AKL and then off to The Studios. Go to DTD for a little shopping and meet up with friends at Raglan Rd. @ 5:00. Then off to Pleasure Island and Adventurer's Club for one last Kungaloosh and HOOPLA!

Friday: meet up with a friend at AKL, park at EPCOT and maybe head to the Magic Kingdom for a little bit, pick up our Expedition Everest Challenge race packets around 2:00 or before, go back to EPCOT, meet up with more friends for dinner at Flying Fish and then finish off the night in EPCOT for EMH. And of course, meeting up with some more friends.

Saturday: head over to AK for a little safari and some much needs Tigger love! Then at 12:30 at the Flaming Tree BBQ Lou Mongello is having a little meet and greet. Stop by and say "Mongello" if you're in the park that day. Since the Everest Challenge is this night I'll probably head back to AKL for some rest. Maybe hit the pool or hot tub for a little bit before eating and getting ready for the EEC. The EEC starts at 7 and then the after party starts at 10. This is going to be a lot of fun. As long as I don't kill myself in the obstacle course.

Sunday: drag my butt out of bed and have breakfast with some friends, go to EPCOT for Food and Wine Festival and watch Sheena Easton and sadly come home.

If you see me make sure to say hi or "mongello". I'm the redhead with the Tigger tattoos.

See you when I get back!


MagicalPrints said...

Have a great trip Lori and good job on the show. I am following your lead and have started my blog:

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