Monday, January 19, 2009

What I Learned From Marathon Weekend

My husband tells me I'll never learn but he is wrong. There are plenty of things I learned about doing a marathon at Walt Disney World. So here are things that I learned along with a few tips for next years marathoners.

1. TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAIN! and train some more. I started out training really well but then slacked off once I knew I wasn't going to run the race. That was a mistake. Even if you know ahead of time that you are going to walk the race, train with all your heart. It'll be much easier on reace day if you do.

2. BodyGlide is your friend. I bought some but only applied it to my inner thighs. I wish I would've put it on my feet. Maybe then I wouldn't have gotten the blisters that I did.

3. Research about the race and training for a race. The more you know the easier it will be. At one point I think I had read too much about running. I was overwhelmed with information.

4. It can be chilly on race day so keep that sweatshirt on until you need to take it off.

5. The Race Retreat is awesome! The private bathrooms alone make it worth the money.

6. If you never tried Clif Shots before don't do it on race day. Bring along whatever it is you like and eat that. For me it was JellyBelly energy beans.

7. The port-a-potties can run out of TP fast. Bring an extra roll with you on race day and pass it down the line if you have to. (I didn't run into this in the Race Retreat area) Also, if you have room fold up a few sheets and take them along.

8. Thank the volunteers. Whether they are handing you water, cheering or cleaning up the garabage. They need to know they are appreciated.

9. Cheer on the other racers and make friends with those around you.

10. Wear that medal with pride!! You earned it!

So now that I'm done with the Walt Disney World 1/2 marathon people have been asking me what's next. Before the 1/2 marathon even happened I knew that I would be participating in the Tower of Terror 13k race on October 24th. But over the last few days I've been thinking and I'm formally announcing that.....................................

Yep, I'm going to do the 1/2 marathon there and get my Coast 2 Coast medal. I plan on training better for this race. I've never been to Disneyland before so any advice anyone has for me I'd appreciate!! I have no clue how to start planning a trip for there.


Adam said...


Hypermommy said...

Way to go, girl!!! Can't wait to see that Coast 2 Coast medal! You can do it too... just re-read all your wonderful notes here a few times before the race. Best of luck!!!

Princess Fee said...

Woohoo @ Disneyland! I cannot wait to hear all about that one!!!!

And thanks for the tips - I think a lot of them will come in handy for the Princess. BTW What is Body Glide?

Colin - thedisneyworldblog said...

Good for you. I know you'll do great.

I'll be looking for your advice as I train for the WDW half, you athlete you.

M.Sedlar said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm beginning training for the 2010 marathon (

I'm planning on doing the whole 26.2 miles, which is a bit scary. But I'm committed to making it across that finish line.

Chuck Lionberger said...

Thanks for the advice Lori. I'll make LOTS of use of this info as I start training for the 2010 WDW half-marathon.

David Caffey said...

I'll see you there - my wife and I did the Goofy and just can't resist going for the Coast to Coast medal. Races are starting to become our excuses for trips to WDW and DLR.