Thursday, January 1, 2009

A little over a week and counting

This was me crossing the finish line during Minnie marathon weekend in May. It was a 15k race. Man, I wish I still looked that good. A week and so many days from now is the 1/2 marathon that I'm participating in. Notice how I said "participating" and not "running" in. I feel under trained for it but I know that I will still finish. I may be crawling across the finish line but nevertheless, I will be crossing it.

This is my final plea for donations to the Dream Team. I had a goal of $1000 and as I'm writing this I'm still about $300 short. I know times are tough but please considering making some type of donation to the Dream Team. The money we raise goes to Make-A-Wish to help children's dreams come true. I'm making one of my dreams come true and I would like to do the same for them.

Thank You!


Colleen Marie said...

OMG girl I Love it!!!

I never knew you had a blog til Grumwurst gave me a link. Great page! .... and I've only looked at page one so far :)

Adam said...

Have fun! I wish I was going to WDW!

Princess Fee said...

LOVE that picture! Way to go!!! I am so rooting for you!
And when I get home tonight I'm going to donate for you, and all the others I know that are running for the Dream Team. Woohoo!

Alison said...

Hi Lori,
I've heard you on Lou's show, and like you, I'll be logging 13.1 on Saturday. I noticed in your pic that you're wearing your iPod...I've seen that Disney is pretty strict about not allowing them. Did you have any problems? Are you wearing yours this weekend?

Thanks and good luck~