Friday, January 9, 2009

Packet Pickup

Tracy and I picked up our race packets yesterday for the 1/2 marathon. The crowds didn't seem bad at all when we turned our waivers in. We even found Aileen and Ryan from Main St. Gazette when we got there. After we turned our waivers in we headed to another building to get our t-shirt and goody bag. There wasn't even a line for that. That's because everyone was shopping. The expo part of this had 50 vendors set up selling items, giving demos and one both was doing massages.
Disney had an offer that if you spent $125 on Disney marathon merchandise you received a $40 gift card. Well I had no problem at all spending that much. I picked up a 2009 1/2 marathon sweathsirt, glass, t-shirt, 2 magnets (had to get one for my mom) and a shirt for Cassidy that said "My Mom Ran the Disney 1/2 marathon". I got checked out fast but then you had to get in another line to pick up your gift cards. That line was moving pretty quickly until they started having computer problems. So I was probably there 10 minutes more than I should've been. Oh and for whatever reason it was really hot in that building so by the time I was done I needed something to drink and had to get out of there.
Tracy and I signed up for the Race Retreat and we were trying to figure out where we needed to pick up our wristbands for it and get our pins. After asking about 10 people that had no clue we went back to where we turned out waivers in (The Milk House) and found out that's where we pickup our pins and the Race Retreat packet. I'm not sure why they didn't tell us where to get our pins when we turned our waivers in, but oh well.
After this we left and went to get groceries. That was the first time I was down that road. I was all excited to see a Joe's Crab Shack and Tracy was excited for Dunkin' Donuts. After we hit Winn Dixie we grabbed some coffee and donuts and headed back to our room. We quickly put everything away and went to T-Rex for dinner with some friends. It was a nice, somewhat relaxing day.
Today we're hitting The Studios for Toy Story Mania and lunch at 50's Prime Time. Then back early to relax and be in bed early. I just hope I can sleep.


Adam said...

Thanks for the update! Good luck!

Rae! said...

Great trio report.

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