Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Have The Bestest Friends!

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 36th birthday in Walt Disney World. And while I thought the best present I would receive that day would be my Donald Duck medal I learned that it wasn't. The best present I received was love and friendship. My friends made it the second best birthday I ever had. Number one going to the year I got engaged on my birthday.

My friends surprised me in so many ways. From getting me a birthday cake at dinner at the Whispering Canyon to a cool Tigger watch. Here are a few things I received while I was there:
a plush birthday Tigger with gift card, bath salts from Basin, my cool Tigger watch, a vibrating Alien doll from Toy Story Mania (there's a story behind this gift which is between the giver and myself- lol) and a candy bar cake that was filled with awesome goodies and came with a plush Tigger and balloon.

So thank you to Ryan, Aileen, Pat, Lou, Virginia, Glenn and Tracy for my awesome presents but more importantly thank you for your love and friendship. It means the WORLD to me!! I love you guys!


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

What are friends for, right? We're just glad that we could help make your day as unique and special as you are!

Adam said...

That was nice. I'm glad you had a great birthday!

Tracy said...

luv ya babe

Doc Terminus said...

Burfday Burfday!

Rae! said...

That is awesome!