Monday, November 24, 2008

We'll Keep A Light On

My Walt Disney World trips have changed over the last year. My trips would mainly consist of getting to the E-ticket rides at rope drop, tour the rest of the park and not leave until they kicked me out. I called this HARD CORE! There was something about spending 16 hours in a WDW theme park that was rewarding (an exhausting at the same time). But now I've learned to slow down and look at the details all around me.
One of these details is the lights. Have you ever looked around and seen all the cool lights that are in the parks? As a new, fun series I'm going to post pictures of lights from around the parks. Maybe you'll know where they are located and maybe you won't. Either way-it's going to be fun.
So, does anyone know where this light is located?

1 comment:

Adam M. said...

I know! I know!

It's at Animal Kingdom!