Friday, November 21, 2008

Just keep baking, just keep baking....

When the weather looks like this outside---

what do we do? We bake, bake, bake!
My church is having their annual bazaar tomorrow so I always spend the day before baking for it. The women of the church make 6 different kinds of pies, 22 types of cookies for the cookie walk, hardtack, peanut brittle, noodles, sticky buns, sweet rolls, pumpkin rolls, beef vegetable soup and chicken rivoli soup. And the youth group makes the 4 varieties of bread and the apple dumplings. Then members of the church, like yours truly, donates other baked goods. This year I made a rum cake, 2 homemade angel food cakes, 4 monkey breads, banana bread, 2 lbs. of chocolate fudge, 2 lbs. of chocolate mint fudge and 5 lbs. of peanut butter fudge. No wonder I'm exhausted right now.
So when it looks like that outside---- this is what it looks like inside:
Even Harley thought it smelt pretty good.

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