Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Disneyland Adventure: Day 2

You would think that after being up for almost 22 hours one would sleep in. NOPE! Thanks to the time difference I was wide awake at 6 am. I turned on the TV in hopes that I would fall back to sleep. Instead I got up and checked my email and Facebook page. Next time I'm rolling over and going back to sleep.

Here are the highlights from Day 2 (Saturday)

*I went to the expo to pick up my race packet while mom finished getting ready and ate breakfast. Getting my race packet was easy except for the part when the guy didn't give me my waiver back and I had to go back to get it to get my shirt. This would be easy if everything was on the same level but it wasn't. You picked your packets up in the "basement" of the Disneyland Hotel and the rest of the expo was upstairs. At least when I went back the guy remembered and knew he had it.

*If you are there to participate in the Coast to Coast challenge go to packet pick up the first day. When I went to buy a shirt they were sold out the first day and that was all they had. I can't believe that over 1,000 people did the challenge and the only item they sold was a t-shirt. What about the pins and magnets??? Disney dropped the ball on this one!

*After I had my packet, I ran it back to the room where I met mom in the hallway. Then we went shopping at DTD for awhile. I picked up a cute dress, a few gifts and a photo album.

*Then we went to DCA and shopped some more. Actually, I had been looking for the Haunted Mansion version of the Game of Life and found it in DCA. After lunch we went ran into Mickey and Minnie. The CM with Minnie commented on my redhead tattoo. Minnie wasn't too happy that I didn't have a tattoo of her. Sorry Minnie!

*We made our way to Monsters Inc. This ride is very cute. So much so that we rode it twice.

*Next was the Aladdin stage show. If you are ever in DCA you MUST see this show. It was amazing!! I wish we could've gone back to see it again. Genie is hilarious!

*After the show we walked around DCA a little and then headed out. We were meeting up with a few new running friends of mine at Mimi's Cafe. On the way there we found the best thing... PEPSI!! Let's just say we stocked up.

*Dinner at Mimi's was so much fun. I think there was about 20 or more of us there and Jeff, our host, was great. He had prizes and gifts for everyone. Thanks Jeff!! You rock!!

*After dinner it was time to call it a night. I wanted to get my race stuff ready for the next day and get to bed early.

Coming up Day 3: race day and the We Wants The Redhead meet!

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