Monday, June 18, 2012

My New Accessory

Just when I thought my foot problems were getting better I end up with a stress fracture on the top of my right foot. So now I'm in a cam walker for 6 weeks to help it heal. That's not the worst of it. There is a possibility that my doctor may not clear me for the full marathon I'm signed up for in January. I would need to start training in August and that's a lot of stress to put on my foot right after it is healed. I'm hoping that he will at least clear me for the half.

I learned my lesson a few years ago when I had a stress fracture in my upper right femur. He told me not to do the half marathon and being my stubborn self I did it anyways. That fracture ended up taking about 3 months to heal. I can't risk that this time around.

I'm asking for lots of prayers and pixie dust that my foot heals and I can still be able to train for the full marathon. I really wanted to do a full for my 40th birthday.


MattFred said...

Lots of prayers going your way Lori. Make sure you heal up soon!!! :)

Thomas said...

Take your time and get better soon. No more miles with a stress fracture.