Sunday, June 3, 2012

"The Dust"

I'm not one to read a book and write a review about it but I'm here to tell you that you MUST READ THIS BOOK!!! It is beyond amazing!! I loved Leonard Kinsey's Dark Side of Disney book so I thought I would read this one too. If you are a Disney fan, you can visualize all the details around the parks and feel like you are there with him. It was very easy to relate to how the character feels about Disney and the life he lived.

I'm not going to get into details of the story but once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down! I hope there are more stories from Kinsey to come.

Now GO OUT AND GET THE BOOK!! After you're done reading it, go to the Facebook page and tell them how much you enjoyed it and say Lori sent you!!/OurKingdomOfDust

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Rachel Frend said...

I'm in the middle of reading "Dark Side" but just downloaded "Dust" for my Kindle and look forward to reading it once I'm done with DS. Good to hear that it's a good book!