Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't always listen to Mom!

Mom is what I like to call my GPS. Why Mom, you ask? Well, it's because she likes to tell me what to do. Just kidding! Mom knows I like to kid her. Anyways, on a trip to Long Beach on Long Island several weeks ago I didn't print out directions and decided to follow what "mom" said to do. BIG MISTAKE!!

She took me thru the Holland Tunnel and into Manhattan! Funny thing is about an hour or so before that I was saying that I never wanted to drive to or in NYC. I think I jinxed myself! My "city driving" kicked in and I was cutting people off and turning on red with the best of them.
At one time we thought we were going to see an accident and all I did was cover my eyes and say "I didn't have time to witness anything today." Later we joked that covering your eyes was how you drive in the city.

About an hour or so later we finally arrived at our destination with the help from a new GPS called Pat! Cassidy had quite an experience that day but laughed all the way. Of course now she wants to stay in NYC someday and not drive through it.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great time. Sounds like you did.