Saturday, July 16, 2011

I think I've lost count

Thursday was spent getting more ink put on my body. I love spending time in the tattoo shop. It is unique in its own way. I went to in Mechanicsburg, PA. If you are even in the area you should check them out. Even to just look around the shop.
The first one I received is based on my Coast to Coast medal I earned in 2009. It's on the back of my right calf. I'm hoping it brings inspiration and motivation.

The second one is the old Epcot Center logo but we added color to it. The colors were taken from another Epcot logo. I'm sorry that I don't know what year it changed to this:
So there you have it. I think that makes number 17 and 18 but honestly I'm not even counting anymore. Are they my last? Who knows! I don't even know when I'll get bit by the tattoo bug again. Could be next week. Could be next year. All I know is there are lots of great Disney ideas out there that can be immortalized on my body.


Kacie Galyon said...

Wow! What a collection you have! I love your "Keep Moving Forward" one. The font, Partners... LOVE it!

Caseyluvsdisney said...

oooh I love these. I have one Disney tattoo now and am about to get my second one!

Jsky said...

Want my first tattoo to be Mickey. Just haven't decided which one. I'm also nervous they'll mess it up.

Debs said...

Cool! Love the "Keep Moving Forward"
DebºoºS @ Focused on the Magic