Thursday, April 15, 2010

My boob's a burnin'!

On January 10th, I decided to treat myself (and a friend) to a post half marathon/birthday massage. I booked the massages at Muscles and Bustles at the Boardwalk Resort. I've never had anyone other than my massage therapist give me a massage so I was excited and nervous at the same time. She took me back into the room and I prepared for a nice relaxing massage. Let's just say relaxing is not a word I would use to describe it now.

The girl started out putting towels on my back and then placed something else on my back which at the time I assumed was hot rocks. NOPE! Not even a minute after she placed this bag with hot water/oil in it on my back the closure busted open and suddenly I felt hot stuff on my arm and running down my side. I quickly sat up, not carrying what was hanging out, because it burned. The poor girl felt so bad and wasn't sure what to do. She cleaned up the area and put more towels down for me to lay on. And we started again only this time I told her not to put anything on my back that wasn't regular massaging oil.

I did get my massage but it was anything but relaxing. Feeling my skin burning the whole time pretty much killed any relaxing mood. The whole time I wondering how burnt my skin was. And let me tell you, when hot water/oil pours down over the side of your boob it hurts!!! You don't realize how sensitive that area is until something like this happens.

After she was done and left the room I looked at my arm and breast. My arm seemed ok. It was just red but my boob didn't look good or feel good at all. It wasn't a 3rd degree burn but I bet it was a 2nd degree burn. After I got dressed I told the girl I wanted to fill out an accident report. I wasn't leaving there without it being noted what happened. No one was really sure what to do or what paper I needed to fill out. After a few minutes they found it and I wrote down what happened.

The accident report paper was so stupid. No place to write my personal information in case they needed to contact me. But don't worry, I wrote it in there. They did ask me numerous times if I needed medical attention and while it hurt like a SOB I knew that it wasn't bad enough for EMTs to come look at it. After I filled out the paper I told them I wanted my massage compensated. Then they really weren't sure what to do so after a few more minutes they had me talk to someone. I'm not sure who this person was. I'm assuming she worked for Disney even though the Health Center is owned by the Niki Bryan Spa company. She arrived minutes later to make sure I was alright and she comped BOTH massages. Which was wonderful!!

I will say this though, I am very disappointed that no one called me the next day or even a week later to make sure I was ok. I had to find burn cream and gauze pads for it and it was kinda hard to lay on that side for awhile. And the kicker is 3 months later it still feels funky and there is still a mark on the side of my boob. Lesson learned: never let anyone else give you a massage!


SnowCinder82 said...

WOW! i'm so sorry that happened to you. I have never had a massage before (always wanted to get one) I was thinking of booking there my next trip, but i'm now rethinking that.

Julie said...

That stinks! I have had MANY massages at Disney World and, except for a small problem that I had at Boardwal, go figure, they have all been WONDERFUL! So I would say, try it again, but don't go there!