Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Memory of Harley

It's funny how the world works...on January 9th I finish my 3rd half marathon, the 10th was my birthday and I was spending it in WDW and on the 11th we had to make the decision to put our dog, Harley to sleep. Hardest part about making the decision was that we weren't even home but still in WDW. You see, we were to fly home on the 11th but I had become sick the day before and didn't feel fit for flying. So in the process of me being sick and trying to get a room for another night, Erin was talking to my mom, the vet and Craig, the guy that cares for the dogs while we are away. Craig and Erin had talked for 2 days prior about how she wasn't eating or going to the bathroom. He had to hand feed her to get her to eat. So by Monday she was really bad and felt that she should go to the vet. Long story short, mom and Craig had to take her to the vet and "do the deed".

This is the second time mom has "killed" one of my dogs.....inside joke. It is funny though because Cassidy doesn't know that grammy was at the vet with Harley. So anytime mom gets out of line I threaten to tell Cassidy that grammy killed her dog. That usually works.

She drove us crazy with her grunting sounds; her "talking" in the car and her snoring at night. But I miss all that now. I miss her curling up in my legs when I was on the couch and how she kept my feet warm at night. I miss how she would get excited when I got home from work. Heck, she would get excited when I would just go out and get the mail. But most of all I miss the Harley Sue kisses.

Enjoy the little show I put together for her.

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Adam M. said...

It's hard to lose a pet. When we had to put one of our dogs down it was one of the worst days of my life. We knew it was time but you just never think that the time would come. R.I.P. Harley!

angela s said...

What kind of dog was Harley? She was beautiful! A bordie collie cross of some sort?
I'm sorry you had to put her down... losing a dog is like losing a best friend :(

Anonymous said...

Lori, I am sorry for your loss. My dog is getting older and having some health issues and I dread the day that I am going to have to "do the deed". She has been the best dog I have ever had, so I cherish everyday that I have with her now. She still drives me crazy sometimes, but I love her.