Monday, February 16, 2009

I got a call today from Passamaquoddy

As you know my cousin, Lorien, is participating in Survivor:Passamaquoddy. I got a call today from her and she informed me about what has been going on lately. While her team survived the first challenge together without any fights she was nervous about the voting process. Long story short both teams tied for the trivia contest but the other team won the tiebreaker question. Which means that Team Sashimi gets to vote off 2 people from Team Pirahna while Team Pirahna gets to vote off one from Team Sashimi. I can tell you that Lorien was voted off and she is not happy about it. In fact, she found out some interesting information she was going to keep to herself but since she's no longer a participate she asked me to spill the beans for her.

It seems that one night while the teams were still in their attractions, Lorien snuck out to spy on the other team. No one knew she had done this until now, not even her own teammates. Now what she overheard when she got to It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Of Singing Children did not please her. She had overheard George on the phone talking about her and her fish mart. He was telling them things that only she had told him. She couldn't believe her ears. George was a spy for WaleyeMart!!

You see, about 8 months ago George owned a stand next door to the fish mart. He sold 'Fin'nel Cakes there. Lorien and George became friends right away and once in awhile if the finnel cake stand was slow George would go over and help her gut and debone the fish. Sometimes they would even go to Ella's to hang out. One day, not too long ago, he started asked some odd questions about the fish mart. Like, who did she buy the fish mart from, how much did pay,..... Lorien answered his questions because she thought she could trust him. She had already told him that with the economy being down the fish mart wasn't doing too well.

Two weeks before Survivor started Lorien went in to work to find George's stand all boarded up. She didn't know where he went or what had happened. He didn't leave her a note explaining where he went nor did she receive a phone call. About a week before the show started she saw him across the lake just staring at the water. But she didn't go over to him, she just watched from a distance. While she watched him, a strange man appeared. George handed him a folder but she wasn't sure what was in it. Suddenly, he saw her standing there and they both quickly walked away.

Now that Lorien knows that George is a spy for WaleyeMart everything makes sense. The questions, the stranger and the folder. While she was telling me this story I could hear in her voice that she was trying not to cry (I could also hear her chopping up fish.) but sometimes the tears came through. But then those tears turned to anger. I could tell because the sound of the cleaver hitting the clopping block was getting louder. And then suddenly it seemed that she was speaking in some foreign tongue that I didn't recognize. The last thing I heard before the phone went dead was that she was going to take the deboning knife he used to stab her in the back and stab it in his.

I did see that George was voted off too, so hopefully he got out of Passamaquoddy before she got him.

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April said...

Go get him Lorien! Big Blue has your back!