Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zeus, a girl's best friend

Recently myself and a friend lost our dogs. It's been a very trying time but with the support of each other we are getting through it. Below is her story. Mine will be posted soon.

Zeus, my doggie, my son, my best friend, rest in Peace! By Darlene Nagi

Zeusywoo came in to our lives in the summer of 1999. We went to see him & my hubby put him in my arms. That was it Zeus put his paws around my neck & his head on my shoulder Keith said we’ll take him it’s a done deal. We choose to get a second puppy to keep my Louie (Rottweiler ) active. It worked for about a year as Lou died the next summer


Zeus was my dog, a girl's best friend. He was my alarm clock in the morning. He was my companion when hubby & daughter were out. We had an exercise schedule in the morning. He helped me with my sit ups, LOL. Then his walks after I got home from work. Then relaxing watching tv together & then going to bed. Keith introduced him to the bed when he was with us the 1st night home. Well he still slept in bed all the way up to 11 ½ years & 92.5 lbs. Yes he was a big boy. He also listened to me when I spoke & no one was home. He was a great listener. He helped me though a lot of lonely days. He let my daughter, hubby & myself dress him up! He loved to pose for pictures like his momma.

His favorite things to do were take walks, take rides in the car anywhere, visit with people & be outside. He had a special attraction to playing with a silver bowl outside & inside. He would kick the bowl until he found a reflection. That would occupy him for hours on end. Once he had some teeth removed the bowl went bye-bye, but we played with a flash light so he could chase that & he begged to have it continue even though he was tired. We even bought him a laser that played on the walls & he thought that was awesome.

My baby was an active guy even up to the day before his last. My daughter & I took him for a car ride to the bakery. My hubby & I took him for a walk in the snow storm & he found 1 deer to try & catch, which he didn’t. He slept a lot after that last walk. But it was the best last day of his life. As I tear up writing this last line I know my baby boy is at peace & playing with his bowl in heaven again pain free! I will love & miss him every day of my life as he was the best dog I could ever have!


Tammy said...

The photos are so cute and the article is wonderful. Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Zeusywoo was a very precious dog. Sorry for the loss, Darlene.
Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

Aw, Darlene, how sweet, and sad. Great pix of Zeus and of the two of you. You'll always treasure those memories.