Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just to clarify

It has been brought to my attention that when I've been posting about Disneyland that I keep saying "I" instead of "WE".


My mom is joining me on this journey to California. It's her first trip too and I think she's even more excited about going than I am. She has a binder full of DL information that she's been dragging around for the last few months. I think if she packs it she'll be over weight without even putting clothes in her suitcase.

So from now on if I say "I just rode Pirates" remember that it's "We just rode Pirates."


Caspian said...

Looking forward to seeing you both!


DebWDW said...

How cool! My mom's first trip to WDW was in January this year for the half marathon, and we're going back for her second trip in November. But I've been afraid to bombard her with info -- I'm hoping to just ease her into the magic without her realizing that I'm doing it. Have a great race!