Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cassidy's Dance Recital

This past weekend Cassidy had her 4th dance recital. She danced in 3 dances; ballet, tap and jazz. She had really cute costumes for all of them. We've lucked out every year and never really had an ugly costume. Although, last year she did have a clown wig she had to wear for Annie. I think we burned it the day after the recital was done.

This year's recital was called "Gimme' A Prop". Just about every dance had some type of prop that the girls had to dance with or use somehow. They ranged from glittery musical notes to yoga balls to ladders. Cassidy had to pop out from a flower pot (Spring Fling); had a puzzle piece (We Go Together) and a set of maracas (Jump In The Line).

Cassidy's little lady sitter (Cassidy doesn't want to be referred to as a baby) did her senior solo since she graduated this year. I think I cried through the whole dance. I've know her since she was Cassidy's age, if not younger. I can't image how I'll be when Cassidy does her senior solo years from now.

It gets to be a long weekend with full dress rehearsal one night and two nights of the recital but it's so much fun. Hairspray, make up and glitter = TONS OF FUN!! (and a little rum helped too)

All the girls did an amazing job! I'll be posting a slide show from the weekend in a day or so.

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Big Poppa Tony Caggiano said...

Congrats to Cassidy. Sounds like everyone had a great time!!!

BTW...what are the chances of you scoring one of those "Glittery Music Notes" for me...huh?

If not, no worries, I will craft one for myself...